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Mike Gallagher with Mike Gallagher

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Why would China use a spy balloon rather than a satellite to survey US? Democrats admit they’ve lost hope in Kamala Harris: ‘Can’t think of one thing she’s done’ Texas governor unveils plan for statewide TikTok ban New Info on Chinese Spy Balloon From NORAD Commander Is Jaw-Dropping GOP Rep. Miller to skip State of […]

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Hugh Hewitt with Hugh Hewitt

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Hugh Hewitt is back today on Tuesday, February 7th, 2023, discussing the important topics of the day, COVID-19 and the new Biden administration. Talking today:

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Dennis Prager with Dennis Prager

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What would happen if women refused to compete against men (in any form)? Will Dennis be allowed to speak at ASU? How bad is UK healthcare? Plus, the Ultimate Issues Hour.

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